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Silicon Valley Chapter Video Library

The Silicon Valley Chapter is excited to share our Video Library with you! The clips below were taken from our An Evening With speaker series, which features prominent professionals who speak to our chapter on a variety of topics, from business to research to life lessons in general. Most of the sessions have a significant faith-based component and all the discourses are inspirational and thought-provoking. These videos represent only a sampling of the great content that is readily available to chapter members and friends as they join us for our many events held throughout the year. We hope you join us soon!

Big thanks to Ken Allen for being our videographer! Ken is a very active chapter member and has generously donated his time and expertise to capture this footage. Visit Ken at


Renowned author and Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen shares his thoughts on how to effectively prioritize your life and create a deliberate strategy for a happy family. (September 2012; 2:56)

Clayton Christensen continues his remarks on balance by detailing how making the tough decisions ahead of time will enable a successful execution of a strategy for a happy family. (4:01)

Clayton Christensen comments on the family economy and how outsourcing has created different challenges for parents. (4:39)

Acxiom CFO and EVP Warren Jenson has a rich resume, having served as CFO of EA, Amazon, Delta, and NBC, along in several other prominent positions. He shares his experience working with GE CEO Jack Welch on how important it is to motivate those around you. (September 2013; 3:28)

Warren Jenson remarks on how he's learned the value of simplicity and what it means to him to play to win. (5:13)

Merrill J. Bateman, former President of BYU, contrasts views of marriage between the world and God. He emphasizes the foundational importance of strong relationships within the family and with God. (January 2014; 3:45)

Elder Bateman recounts the decision process for why he went to BYU instead of Stanford. His experience is a great lesson in seeing the whole picture and being guided to make the best overall decision. (4:43)