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Take RM to Lunch Liability Statement

The BYU Management Society (BYUMS) offers a service program known as "Take an RM to Lunch” whereby BYUMS members take a return missionary or recent matriculate (RM) out to lunch at the expense of the BYUMS member and mentor the RM in connection with career interests. BYUMS only acts to facilitate contact between prospective participants and makes no representations concerning the quality of the participating BYUMS member, RM, or the service program. BYUMS does not accept any responsibility for personal injuries, damages or loss caused or sustained by participants in this program. 
Participation in this service program is strictly voluntary. BYUMS members and RMs who choose to participate in this program are expected to exercise good judgment while participating. RMs should not participate in any activity that makes them feel uncomfortable and should secure personal items before beginning the activity. RMs should notify program directors immediately if they have concerns. 
Please click the "I agree" in the form provided to confirm that you have read and understood this page and that you agree to conduct your participation in this program in accordance with this liability statement and, further, that you agree to comply with all applicable policies and procedures connected with the BYUMS "Take an RM to Lunch" program. If you do not agree with the terms as specified above, please click the "I do not agree" button. If you do not agree to the terms specified above, you will not be eligible to participate in this program.