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Share your professional guidance and help an RM prepare to "go forth to serve" in their schooling and career. Here's how the program works:

  1. BYUMS will connect you with an RM who wants to explore the possibility of a mentoring lunch together.

  2. Lunch encounters should take place in a public or work setting.

  3. To ensure a comfortable exchange, we ask that you and the student travel independently to a public setting for lunch.

  4. Mixed-gender matches are only permitted at public or work locations during daylight hours.

  5. For this one-time mentoring session, please pay for both your lunch and the student's.

  6. Over lunch, share your experience and advice as you help the student think through critical educational and career choices. Everyone enjoys a good meal, a new friendship, and the opportunity to extend the influence of the BYU Management Society.

  7. As a mentor you are not obligated to offer employment opportunities.

  8. You are not expected to provide any further mentorship outside of the one-time lunch meeting.

  9. All participants are expected to be living the standards of the Church.

  10. We hope your lunch is a positive one and encourage you to provide feedback of your experience.