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The Silicon Valley Chapter has a strong legacy of supporting local students as they strive to secure their future through a college education. Each year, many local sponsors donate to the BYUMS Scholarship Fund, which is apportioned to local LDS students to attend the school of their choice. The application process includes two essays about how the student has been a moral leader already and how he or she hopes to be an ethical influencer throughout his or her career. We've awarded scholarships to over 100 local students in the past years!

Download the 2018 Scholarship Application here


2018 Fast Facts

  • Deadline for submitting application is April 20, 2018

  • Scholarships awarded to those who have demonstrated effective moral leadership, ethical courage and have financial need

  • Scholarship amounts will vary based on need and availability

  • Scholarships are for worthy LDS students from the Silicon Valley area

  • Applicants attending any accredited university or college may apply

  • Incoming freshman and undergraduate students may apply

  • Scholarships awarded to full-time students only

  • Eligibility is determined each year, and a separate application must be submitted

  • Not everyone who applies will receive a scholarship

  • Scholarship money will only be applied toward tuition

  • Scholarship money will be paid directly to the university the applicant is planning to attend

  • Can a person going to a trade school be awarded a scholarship? This will be evaluated on a individual basis

  • All applicants will need to submit application via email